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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Physicians Desk Reference 2014 lists 13 Unicity International clinically proven supplements

Unicity International 2014 Physician's Desk Reference Listings start on pg 2572.

Unicity has the science behind products listed in the PDR and for a nutrition company, Unicity has the most number of products listed - 13.
Bios Life ...Cardio
Bios Life ProBionic - Newly Listed
Bios Life Vision Essentials
BoneMate Plus
CM Plex Softgel and CM Plex Cream
UNICITY Balance also known as Bios Life SLIM or Bios Life S.
If you are using drugs or considering replacing drugs or reversing your ill health with food supplements, it's time to consider trusting Unicity - a 110 year old company, commited to Make your Life Better.
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