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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Helicobacter Pylori parasite in your stomach

If you suffer from these 5 symptoms, chances are you may have a stomach full of H.pylori parasites.

1. Black tarry or bloody stools
2. Burning, cramping or hunger like pain in the stomach area,
often 1-3 hours after a meal or in the middle of the night
3. Unexplained weight loss
4. Pain that gets better or worse with eating
5. Feeling tired without an obvious reason

Could these syptoms be mis-diagnosed as appendix pain? My daughter spent 3 days in hospital, and after spending a few thousand of insurance money on tests, could not find anything wrong. So I put her on Paraway Plus and after 30 days, she feels good with no more pain.

This H.pylori parasite will increase your risk of getting stomach cancer by 6 times.

You could spend some money to do a H.pylori serology test, or just get a bottle of Paraway Plus and take the 120 capsules for a month.

Paraway Plus is made in USA and contains Black walnut, Woodworm root and Diatomaceous Earth together with 13 different herbs. This formulation will safely and gently remove this H.pylori and all other bacteria, viruses and bacteria in your whole body.

Black walnut oxygenates the blood and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It also helps with intestinal problems and relieves many skin irritations, sore throats, tonsillitis, hemorrhoids, ringworm, sinus and thyroid deficiencies.

Since parasites are the cause of colon cancer, it's wise to do a stomach and colon cleanse using Paraway Plus and Natures Tea twice yearly.

Paraway Plus makes a good travel companion, where food and water contain bacteria and parasites which cause nausea, stomach pains and diarrhea.

Is it time to do a parasite cleanse for you and your whole family?. Invest just RM117 / S$59 in Paraway Plus 120 capsules and you will feel the difference, guaranteed.

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